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All 6 Course Modules
Over 40 Lessons
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Other Relevant Resources such as Podcasts, Blogs, Ted Talks, and More
Bonus:  Lifetime Access to Our Community Forum
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Personalized Discussion Topics

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Mr & Mrs Jones will travel to a location near you for a  face-to-face meeting over cocktails and dinner.

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Why Invest in Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey?

The value of this course is threefold.

It will save you valuable:

Rather than wander around the lifestyle for months or even years, our course is designed to step you through your journey in a practical and methodical way.

We help you to understand what lifestyle events, websites, resorts, parties and dating are all about so you can choose to spend your resources on the best experiences for you.

Wear and tear on your relationship:
We help you avoid mistakes, recover from the ones you do make, and learn how to have the right conversations and discussions at the right time.


"For anyone contemplating the lifestyle this is the quintessential guide. The Joneses are sexy, classy and informative and my wife and I can relate to them and their message on so many levels. With just a few months experience under our belts (so to speak) we have already endured a roller coaster of emotions but their guidance along the way helped strengthen our loving and committed relationship. Thank you Mr & Mrs Jones!"

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