Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Will Mr & Mrs Jones have access to our personal information if we purchase the course?
A: The first and last name and email address of the purchaser will be known by us and stored in our learning management system (LMS) and will be protected as stated in our Privacy Policy.  We will not have access to any of your credit card information or any other personally identifiable information.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: Credit card and Paypal. 

Q: What learning management platform and other systems do you use to manage your course?
A:  We use Kajabi as our LMS platform.  They are a well known and trusted provider of online courses.  We use MUUT as our forum provider and the forum is integrated into our LMS.  Our payments are processed by Stripe and Paypal,  services widely used by online merchants.  These payment systems are integrated into our LMS.

Q: Is the member forum private?
A: Yes, the forum is only accessible to purchasers of the course.  Each member chooses their own profile name and profile picture (which is optional).  We recommend not using a face picture as a profile picture.  We also recommend taking personal conversations out of the forum and into another messaging system such as email, text or a messaging app.  Use of the forum is optional.

Q: Is the course fee refundable?
A: Yes, we have a 30-Day 100% refund policy.

Q: Is the video conference fee refundable?
A: Only if it is requested prior to the scheduled conference.

Q: Are Mr & Mrs Jones professionally licensed counselors or therapists?
A: No.  We are a long-time married couple and because of our experience in the lifestyle we believe our relationship is stronger for it.  It is not our intent to talk anyone into trying the lifestyle.  We simply share our experiences to help couples make their own personal decision as to whether or not to give the lifestyle a try.

Q: What are the professional backgrounds of Mr and Mrs Jones?
A: We both have extensive professional experience in public speaking and in the field of education.

Q: Do you show your faces in the course videos?
A: Not at this time but we will consider course enhancements with videos of us speaking to the camera in the future.


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