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We are Mr & Mrs Jones, hosts of the We Gotta Thing podcast and creators and presenters of Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey.

We've been married for over 30 years, in the lifestyle since 2013 and podcasting since 2014.  Our experience puts us in a unique position to help others to understand the lifestyle, decide if it's right for them and if so, how to enter and navigate it in a healthy way while having fun at the same time.

We are not professional counselors.  Instead, we consider ourselves relationship coaches, merely a couple sharing our experiences to help others deepen their relationships and avoid some of the growing pains that can come with navigating the swinging lifestyle.  

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Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey

Our complete A-Z lifestyle course! Through more than 40 lessons we start with defining the lifestyle and discovering your play style, then move through exploring the lifestyle and processing your experiences, and end with more ways to have fun and the joy of making lifelong friendships.

Module 1: Ask for Directions - Before You Begin

Defining the Lifestyle

What’s your Why? 

Talking About It with Your partner

Risks and Rewards 

Making Peace with Your Decision

Module 2: Alternate Routes - Defining Your Play Style



Girl/Girl Only Play

Soft or Full Swap

Single Males and Unicorns

Other Types of Play

Module 3: Planning Your Journey

Developing Your Lifestyle Identity

Creating an Online Profile

Meeting People on Lifestyle Websites

Maintaining a Healthy Balance and Perspective

Creating Rules and Boundaries

Module 4: Hitting the Road - Ready to Play

Types of Events or Venues

Communicating with Others Before Meeting

The Art of Flirting

Setting the Stage for Play and Transitions


Module 5: Rest Stop - Reflection and Reconnection



Unpacking Emotions

Recovering from Mistakes

Moving Forward

Module 6: Arriving at Your Destination

Pushing Boundaries

Group Play

Exclusivity and Polyamory

Paying it Forward

Where Do We Go from Here?

Parting Thoughts


In this mini course we define the lifestyle and explore various play styles so you can make an informed and deliberate decision on whether or not the lifestyle is for you.

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In addition to the Basic Level features we help you begin exploring the lifestyle by focusing on good communication, discovering your desires, planning a pathway and moving forward.

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In addition to the Community Level features we include 3 video conferencing sessions to add a more personal element to help you discover where you are and where you desire to be in the lifestyle.

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In addition to the Premier Level features we will travel to your area for an in person meeting over cocktails and dinner.

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What Others are Saying:

"For anyone contemplating the lifestyle this is the quintessential guide. The Joneses are sexy, classy and informative and my wife and I can relate to them and their message on so many levels. With just a few months experience under our belts (so to speak) we have already endured a roller coaster of emotions but their guidance along the way helped strengthen our loving and committed relationship. Thank you Mr & Mrs Jones!"

Wise Counsel

"Anyone considering entering the lifestyle should listen to Mr & Mrs Jones first. We could've avoided much negativity while enhancing our experience by knowing about Rules & Boundaries, how and why to set them up and how to manage them as you progress. Great philosophies and practical advice from a loving couple. Thanks so much for the great lessons!"

Best Lifestyle Information!

"As a 25 year married couple with 10 years experience in the lifestyle, we really enjoy the Joneses very practical insights. Their wit, intelligence and authenticity make their message an easy and informative listen. Mr & Mrs Jones complement each other very well and their longstanding relationship and the trust and communication they have together represent the cornerstone from which their lifestyle insights begin."

They Gotta Thing

Why Invest in Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey?

The value of this course is threefold. 
It will save you valuable:

Rather than wander around the lifestyle for months or even years, our course is designed to step you through your journey in a practical and methodical way.


We help you to understand what lifestyle events, websites, resorts, parties and dating are all about so you can choose to spend your resources on the best experiences for you.

Wear and tear on your relationship:

We help you avoid mistakes, recover from the ones you do make, and learn how to have the right conversations and discussions at the right time.

Course Pricing

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One time payment

Modules 1 and 2

11 Lessons

Bonus "What's Next?" Content

Downloadable Discussion Questions

Other Relevant Resources

Bonus:  Lifetime Access to our Community Forum

Bonus:  Free Updates to Course Additions and Enhancements

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or $175 per month for 6 months

Basic Level Plus:

4 Additional Modules

Over 40 Lessons in the complete course





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or $250 per month for 6 months

Community Level Plus:

Video Conference Sessions with
Mr & Mrs Jones to Include:

A 30 Minute Introductory Session

Two 1-Hour Sessions during the Course

Personalized Discussion Topics



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In addition to the Premier Level content and features Mr & Mrs Jones will travel to a location near you for a  face-to-face meeting over cocktails and dinner.

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Navigating Your Lifestyle Journey contains explicit content. You must be 18 years or older to purchase.

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